Sun Server Updates

Quick blurb…more-so as a reminder for me to not be dumb next time (doh!). The Sun server need 240v power…my server room only has 120v power (20A luckily)…since I didn’t really want to deal with running a 240v circuit there (I think my panel is out of room anyways); I was like “fuck it – I’ll run it off power step-up transformers”. Which works…when you don’t buy a cheap peice of shit one lol

The first one I bought was a Rockstone RSP-3000 – it claims 3kW handling – obviously bullshit since you can only draw 2400w from a 20A outlet; but I figured it’d be good enough. Well, due to a few serious design faults, not only does it not work, it’s dangerous as hell! To start with, it’s got a NEMA 5-15 connector for input – that’s rated for 15A. OK, not a big deal. But the measly-ass 16 gauge wiring they used is a joke…and a MAJOR fire hazard! I tested running the server off it – drawing roughly 1kw – 33% of the converter’s rated power level…the server didn’t even get 1/2 way through the diagnostics boot (~5 min) before I keyed it off and unplugged everything…the cable was so hot, I couldn’t hold on to it!

I decided to take the turd apart and see what the fuck was inside this thing that it sucked so bad…to my dismay, it appears to have been assembled by Stevie Wonder soldering with his toes while floating in outer space!  The wiring is all 16GA, poorly assembled, everything is hot-snotted together, etc. – it’s J.U.N.K.!

Oh yeah – it gets better.  The fuse in the back?  30A! Are you shitting me!?  THIRTY AMPERES?!  No wonder the bloody cable got hot and nothing tripped out!

Since I was already stuck with 1 of these POS’s (thank God I didn’t buy 3!) I decided to fix it.  I replaced the “generously sized” 30A fuse with a 15A fast-blow, which should at least make it safe to run 1 PSU…although I am tempted to drop that down to a 10A fuse…I’ll see how it does with 1 PSU first.

As for the other two units I need to run the server (it needs 3 – one for each PSU); I picked up a pair of ELC T-3000’s – again, won hung-lo brand ones; but these I was able to confirm have proper 15A breakers AND use 14GA wiring – the proper stuff for 15A.  Plus they were $30 cheaper each.  Once these arrive, I will give an update.  As for the Rockstone(d), I’ll see how it does running only 1 PSU on the server.  If it still has overheating issues, I’ll toss it aside and pickup  a 3rd ELC unit.

That’s it for now…more as it happens.