Here We Go Again!

After barely 6 months of having my Fiat, it’s gone.  Thanks to some shithead who thought it’d be a swell idea to pull out into traffic on a blind downhill road when her left side vision was blocked by a garbage truck.  Ford Edge GVWR > Fiat 500 GVWR….and well, yeah…I promptly went flying off the road, through someone’s yard (taking some Christmas decorations with me); and then slammed into a tree before coming to a stop just feet from a truck parked in someone’s yard.

Luckily no one was hurt…however, my little Fiat was a torn up pile of scrap metal.  After a week of dealing with the at-fault’s insurance company (it was over the New Years holiday, so it was expected); the vehicle was totaled and I was yet again back in the car market.  This time, I’d had enough of small little clown cars – it was time to get a big ass truck.  After a few days of looking, I picked up a MINT 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT.  It’s got a SuperCab, single rear wheel, long wheel base, 8-foot (long) bed, is 4WD, and has a MASSIVE 7.3L turbo-diesel engine (Ford PowerStroke baby!).  Ever since I met Tim and saw his Dad’s 99 F350 SD, I’ve always wanted one.  My parents always shot it down, refusing to allow me to keep such a large vehicle at home.  That apparently faded after getting 2 cars totaled in less than a year.  So here it is.  I’ll do a full video tour this weekend, as well as show off some mods (yes, I owned it for less than 5 hours before I did the first mod!)