Canon EOS M First Impressions


I’m going to visit my girlfriend in LA this coming summer.  I obviously want to bring a camera along, but I didn’t want to drag my EOS 1Ds, nor did I want to take my crappy point-and-shoot.  (too big/heavy and too short of zoom range respectively).  The only real options were to get a mirrorless camera or a super-zoom.  I’d been eyeing the Canon EOS M mirrorless system for several months, but the outrageous price tag kept me away.  Recently, Canon plunged the price by $500 (it was now around $300) That was low enough for me to jump on it.  I scoured eBay for an even better deal, and I picked up a BNIB EOS M body for $246 shipped, along with an EF-M to EF lens mount adapter for $120.  This meant I could shoot with my existing collection of Canon glass.

I’ve had my EOS M for 3 days now. Over the weekend I did some free-lensing, and today I got my EF mount converter in and tried it with my EF glass.

First impressions? I’m glad I jumped on the MILC bandwagon! It’s got great photo quality, and the video is stunning.

Feels good to hold, light, balanced – well, unless you mount stupid lenses to it anyways
Photo quality is excellent – I’d say just under my 1Ds

Video is…well, it’s a Canon, so video is AMAZING!

In AI Servo mode, it’s loud as hell (likely my crappy glass though) – this makes using AI Servo completely impossible in video mode. I don’t have my external mic yet, so I can’t comment on how much this improves the issue (if at all?)

It’s picky about SD cards for some reason. My Patriot-branded 32GB Class 4 card can’t keep up with video (auto-stops after about 30 seconds), even at 720p60; yet my PNY-branded 8GB Class 4 works fine in 720p60 and 1080p30. I don’t have any other cards on-hand to try, but I’ll probably just wind up picking up a couple more of those PNY cards since they seem to work fine.

AF speed seems no slower than my 1Ds, so I’m not too sure what the reviewers were bitching about…perhaps the new firmware did make a huge difference? I can’t say for sure…either way, no issues with that.

Any reviewers who say options they feel should be there are missing – RTFM (or learn how to use a real camera, not a Kodak EasyShare) – nearly all options are disabled in “old person’s auto” mode – you have to shoot in Program to get all of the features. There’s also the “advanced preferences” menu that’s found in all Canon DSLR’s – again, it’s hidden in “stupid user” mode.

So yeah, over all, I’m super-happy with it! Can’t wait to get the 90EX flash so I can really play indoors with this thing! Updates to come with some outdoors test shots tomorrow.