SkyStalker Revamp – Part I – Planning

So after a year of running SkyStalker in its current form as my main workstation, it’s time for an upgrade.  The 4 GPU’s are outdated and slow, the CPU’s have poor clock speed, and the cooling system (or lack there of) isn’t taking well to any overclocking.  To remind you, here’s the current specs:

EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard
4x EVGA/nVIDIA GTX260 core 216 Video Cards
2x Intel Xeon L5520 CPU’s
48GB of G.Skill DDR3 RAM
2x Thermaltake 750w Modular PSU’s
Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra case
DVD Burner
300GB Velociraptor HDD


Now here’s the planned upgrade:

EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard
7x ATI/AMD Radeon HD 5970’s
2x Intel Xeon X5690 CPU’s
48GB of G.Skill DDR3 RAM
Custom chilled water cooling system – 1 ton chiller, CPU’s, mobo, & GPU’s all water cooled
4x EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 PSU’s
CaseLabs Magnum STH10 Case
6x 128GB Samsung SSD’s in RAID-0


So as you can see, the new build is quite a bit more powerful.  The mind-bending 6kW of power supply capacity is likely overkill, but I’m trying to bullet-proof it so that when EVGA’s Classified SR-X motherboard (the successor to my SR-2) as well as 8 core socket 2011 Xeons come down in price enough for my to jump on that wagon, I’ll have the capability to run it.

7x Radeon HD 5970’s should give my FAR more processing power than the puny GTX260’s I’m running now.  I was debating going with 7x nVIDIA GTX295’s, but I’m having a hard time finding ones that can be converted to single-slot because there’s a DVI port on both slots in the reference design.

That’s all for the moment…I’ll post more once I get some of the parts in….perhaps I’ll shoot a YouTube video of the assembly.