My Thoughts on Best Buy

That article caught my eye while browsing the front page of Yahoo today.  I decided to comment on it and give my thoughts as to why for me, this change means nothing to me and why I will continue to refrain from even going to Best Buy at all.  Below is a copy/paste of my comment”

“I used to showroom quite a bit, especially at Best Buy because they’re close by to me. But I gave up after a while and just did everything online. I’d rather spend 10 min. reading crowd-sourced reviews off NewEgg then 10 seconds listening to some dick-wad at Best Buy try to push their useless warranty on me. I’ve had asshats there try to sell me an extended warranty on a fucking toner cartridge. IT’S A CONSUMABLE ITEM YOU RETARDED ASSHOLE! That alone shows the general incompetence of their staff, and why I just stopped going there at all. Perhaps instead of trying to price-match other shops (Good luck with that, since Newegg can often sell stuff at below other places costs) – try hiring some employees that A) know what the fuck they’re talking about; and B) care more about customer service than about making commission or chatting on Facebook about the rager they’re heading to after they clock out.

Until they do that, I’ll stick to Newegg and other online shops. And hell, they can’t TRULY match others prices anyways. Why? Because I don’t pay any sales tax buying online, nor does it cost me any gas. No traffic to fight either. I can buy stuff from my room while sippin’ a brewski and watching YouTube.”